Why I Started Websites Made Simple


Hi there.  My name is Todd, and I’ve been a website developer for over 10 years.

During that period of time, I’ve built a lot of websites for small business owners.  I’ve always loved my work and enjoy being able to help businesses develop their online presence and grow as a result of that exposure.

But something had always bothered me…

From the time I got started, it was very clear that not every business owner could afford to have me build a website for them.  In fact, I noticed that it was often the businesses that needed my services the most who couldn’t afford them.

More often than I would like to admit, I had to turn these businesses away because there was no way they could afford to pay the $2,000 to $10,000 that I would charge them to build a website.

I couldn’t help but start to think… “There has to be a better way.”

So I began to ask myself some very honest questions about what I was doing as a website developer. I began to question whether or not these small businesses really needed the custom websites that I was offering them.

Was I just selling them something that made me money, when in fact, all they needed was a simple five page website that would cost much less to build but still meet their needs?

I just knew that there had to be some alternative, so I kept searching.

I began to notice that almost every small business pays monthly fees for all kinds of different services that they use on a regular basis to help their business run more smoothly. These are services that they truly need, because they save the owners time and money.

They might use billing and accounting software to handle their financial processes.  They might pay for a Customer Relationship Management system to handle all of their customer relationships.  They might pay for appointment scheduling software or ecommerce software.

In fact, I knew that most of the clients that I had built websites for in the past were paying a monthly maintenance fee for the management of their website.  It’s a normal ongoing expense associated with owning a website that web designers don’t mention until the project is over.

So I started to wonder…

What if I could make a website so affordable that I could just charge a monthly fee instead of having them pay such a large cost up front. That way, any business owner would be able to afford a website and build their online presence.

And that’s when Websites Made Simple was born.

I changed my goal from just making money, to actually helping small businesses acquire one of the most important tools they could ever have in their toolbox.

I wanted to make sure that EVERY business owner would be able to afford a website. So I started to build small business websites for a service fee of just $99 a month.

And that put a website within reach for every single business owner out there.

We make it simple for every small business owner to get a website.