“Responsive Design”…

You’ve probably heard the term being thrown around by professional website designers.

But what does it really mean?
Do you really need it?
How do you implement it?

Let’s take a look at these three important questions in a bit more detail.

What is “Responsive Design”?

Responsive website design is a term that describes a type of “fluid” design which allows your website to respond to different resolutions it’s displayed at.

For example, there are typically three different sizes of devices that are used to view websites these days: personal computers, tablets, and smart phones. Each one has different resolutions, with even more variations between brands.

A website that is responsive will be able to display properly and also retain it’s functionality on any device at any resolution.

Do you need a responsive website?

Cisco reported that mobile traffic increased by 70% in the year 2012.

Other sources state that usage of mobile devices is expected to surpass that of desktop devices in the year 2013. In fact, this year is being called the “Year of Responsive Web Design”.

Google highly recommends a mobile-friendly design as it’s better for user experience. That will in turn translate into better SEO ranking in the long run due to lower bounce rates, and higher visit duration.

As you can see, if you don’t have a website that is mobile ready, you’ll be missing out on a good number of visitors.

How do you create a responsive website?

It’s actually getting easier to develop a website that is mobile friendly. There are more and more designers that are making their themes and templates responsive. And that’s all your really need.

If you’re using a website builder like Squarespace (which I highly recommend), all of their templates are fully responsive.

If you go with the WordPress platform, there are plenty of themes to choose from that offer fully responsive design. You can check out ThemeForest, or StudioPress which both offer premium themes which are mobile ready.

The “Responsive Design” infographic…

Below is an infographic that will help those of us who are visual learners soak up some of the concepts behind the need for responsive website design. Enjoy…

What is Responsive Website Design?
Hall Internet Marketing – Responsive Website Design – What is it?

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