Google Page Speed Online ToolGoogle is all about user experience, right?

Well, in a recent survey, 32% of consumers reported that they’ll start abandoning a website at between 1 and 5 seconds if the page doesn’t load.

Wow, that’s short!

Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that page load times will be factored in when determining search engine ranking.

Don’t believe me?

Faster Pages Get Higher Rankings

A few months back, you may have heard Google announce a new web-based tool that analyzes the content of your web page, then offers suggestions for ways to decrease page load times.

The tool is called… Page Speed Online, and is generating a lot of interest in SEO circles.

Even before this tool was introduced, way back in April of 2010, Matt Cutts made an official announcement on Google Webmaster Central…

“We’re including a new signal in our search ranking algorithms: site speed.”

So it looks like Google is taking the issue of speed pretty seriously. And so should you. Not only because it’ll help you improve your search engine ranking, but because it’ll reduce your bounce rates and increase your conversion rates at the same time.

Make The Customer Happy

“The customer is King!” Even in the online world.

Make your customers happy, and you’ll have a thriving business. Piss them off, and they’ll go somewhere else with the click of a mouse.

A study done by the consulting firm, Watching Websites, revealed that 49% of visitors say, “they will abandon a site, or switch to a competitor after experiencing performance issues.”

That’s scary when you’re selling online! The offline equivalent, would be ignoring a customer when they walk into your store, or giving them a hard time at the cash register.

Could you imagine doing that?

Probably not…

We should try to avoid doing it online too.

Make Google Happy

I’ve heard some website owners complain that Google is difficult to please.

I have to disagree.

Google makes is very clear what they’re looking for with their blog, Google Webmaster Central. The funny thing is, a lot of people don’t even take the time to read that blog, much less follow the advice given there.

If we think about it, our business objectives should be directly in line with Google’s…

And that is to, “provide a good user experience”.

  • Always produce authoritative content that has tons of value for you visitors.
  • Build and organize your site so that things are easy for visitors to find.
  • Don’t have a lot of ads, that aren’t related to your visitors needs.
  • Have pages that are optimized to load quickly.

Those are the main things that Google wants, and so should we. Especially if we want to make improve search engine ranking, keep our customers happy.

You Will Be Happy

If you make the customer and Google happy, YOU will ALWAYS come out on top.

If Google is happy, they’re going to send you more traffic as they allow you to improve search engine ranking. And if those visitors are happy, they’re going to buy more stuff from you; come back to your site more often; and sing your praises on social networks.

What else could you want.

Let’s get busy!

Google provides an excellent resource for those who are new to the tool in their, “Getting Started Guide”.

Download: Page Speed Online Getting Started Guide

I’ve already used it and was able to improve from 82 to 89, just by using one of the caching plugins I recommended in my post about, The 10 Best WordPress Plugins.

Learn to use the Page Speed Online Tool and make the recommended changes.

What do you think?

Is it worth the effort? Do page load times have that much of an affect on search engine ranking?

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