The Simple Way To Create Beautiful CSS Buttons For Free

You’ve seen them before… Those slick CSS buttons on other websites. And if you’re anything like me, you can’t help but wonder in amazement… “How the hell do they make those things look so good?” I knew there had to be a secret, and there was, but it took me

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Get Your Hands On The Free Copyblogger Theme For WordPress

Every time I hear the word, “free”, I get skeptical… …but I also get curious. So when I saw that Copyblogger was giving away their previous WordPress theme, I had to check it out. As it turns out, it is the infamous Copyblogger theme, and it is free! Well, okay.

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How To Install WordPress Plugins The Easy Way

WordPress is an amazing platform, but let’s face it, something’s missing… And that’s why we’ll want to know how to install WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins are created by third-party developers with the goal of adding features or extending functionality of the WordPress platform. And lucky for us, there are a

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The Complete Guide To Buying A Domain Name With NameCheap

I clearly remember the first time I registered a domain name. It was frustrating as hell! I was registering the domain with GoDaddy, and they had so many add-ons, up-sells and options; I gave up part way through the process. I actually had to stop, and ask my more knowledgeable

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Improve Search Engine Ranking With The Google Page Speed Tool

Google is all about user experience, right? Well, in a recent survey, 32% of consumers reported that they’ll start abandoning a website at between 1 and 5 seconds if the page doesn’t load. Wow, that’s short! Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that page load times will be

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