How To Moderate Comments On Your New WordPress Website

I’m sure your familiar with how to comment on a blog post. You’ve probably done it many times before on other blogs. But now that you have your own website, you’re in control. And you’ll need to know how to moderate the comments you receive on a daily basis, once

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Ebook Release: How To Make A Website With WordPress

Finally, it’s here! There are still some finishing touches that need to be added, and, no doubt, a few mistakes are yet to be discovered. Nevertheless, my FREE ebook, “How To Make A Website With WordPress – No Coding or Design Skills Required“, was released a few days ago. If

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Responsive Design: What Is It, And Do You Really Need It?

“Responsive Design”… You’ve probably heard the term being thrown around by professional website designers. But what does it really mean? Do you really need it? How do you implement it? Let’s take a look at these three important questions in a bit more detail.

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How To Delete A WordPress Blog And Start Over From Scratch

So you really messed something up and need to delete a WordPress blog, but don’t know how? Don’t feel bad, we’ve all done it before. The story usually goes something like this… You’re working away on your website, and you add a new plugin, or make a configuration change. Then

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